Sharon McGregor Psychic Medium

Spiritual Teacher




I first experienced Sharon’s mediumship when I attended one of her demonstrations.  After hearing the detailed information she conveyed to members of the audience, I knew I had to go for a reading.  In my reading, Sharon brought through my dad’s personality so clearly I felt as though I had actually visited with him that night.  Since then, I have attended Sharon’s workshops and classes on a regular basis to develop my own mediumistic abilities.  I’ve attended classes offered by others in the past, but no one teaches and interacts with their students like Sharon does.  It’s because she legitimately cares and wants all of us to be the best we can be and to have lots of fun getting there.  If you’re looking for answers you couldn’t be in better hands!

June Green

Jackson's Point

I would highly recommend Sharon for a reading or a class. Over the years I have been to many of Sharon’s events and have done her classes.  I have had the privilege of my niece and my mother coming through at two different events. I can’t describe the joy it gave me knowing they are still around me. Sharon was very accurate I had no doubt the things she said came from my deceased relatives and her sense of humor kept me laughing through the tears. Thank you Sharon I am forever grateful.

Kathy P.


Sharon McGregor is a gifted teacher. When I found her meet up almost a year ago I thought to myself , “As if I can be a medium I go to them for answers” To my surprise and Sharon’s fun loving nature and extra pushes when I’m there I discovered that I too can connect with deceased loved ones.” “I also had a reading with Sharon and she is very in-tune and connected. I highly recommend going to her Meet Up or having a reading!  You won’t be disappointed!



I am still blown away at how accurate Sharon’s readings were!!  I was told by a friend how good she is, but to have experienced it, is just something else.



Sharon is the most amazing teacher for the development of mediumship. She taught me how to develop for my personal, individual style; that is unique to us all. I’ve attended her one day workshops and her weekly development circles. I will forever be grateful for your kind encouragement in developing my mediumship. Thank you!!! 



I want to thank you for an uplifting and touching experience in my first medium reading. I’m in awe on your accuracy and the way you were able to connect to my loved ones. It meant a lot for me to have all those validations. As I replay all that you brought up I am filled with happiness as EVERYTHING you brought up was 100% right on. I thank you for sharing your gift with others here in this living world. You’ve brought me peace and comfort to know that the ones that mean so much to me came.
May you continue your journey of healing and helping others come to peace with their loved ones as well. 


Sharon is a conscientious and dedicated teacher.  I had my very first Mediumship training with Sharon and her patience and support made it an amazing experience.  There is always room to have fun in the class and plenty of opportunities to practice new skills.  It helps to follow-up with Sharon’s Mediumship circle, as the group supports each other in the development of their psychic and mediumship abilities.   



Hi Sharon.  You have done two phone readings for me and they were superb.  Both times for the first and second time ever, my mother came through loud and clear.  She had been gone 38 years now and it was just like hearing her speak to me.  You did ask me twice if I knew a certain person, which I did not at either time. Had I asked you to expand on said person, it would have saved me some heartbreak.  But that was me just saying I don’t know him, let’s just move on please. Your readings are totally awesome and were bang on for me. I would recommend you to anyone. 


I have had the sincere pleasure of taking Sharon McGregor’s Mediumship Workshop and participating in her bi monthly Meetups for the past 2 years.  I have also attended a few of her Mediumship Demonstrations and I must say that Sharon is a real gem!  With her super good sense of humor, Sharon has a way of making everyone feel welcome and comfortable, but most importantly she is very respectful of everyone’s mindset and their beliefs.  If Psychic Mediumship is something you are really interested in, then I highly recommend you take one of her courses or if you would like to connect with a loved one that has passed, then by all means give Sharon a call.  You won’t be disappointed! Spirit loves to communicate through her and there isn’t anything that gives her more joy than to pass on messages of healing, guidance and love to those of us still on this Earth.  Bless You Sharon for All You Do! 

Diana P.


This was my first time seeing a medium so I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  But five minutes into talking to Sharon, she made me feel at ease.  She explained all the steps and what I needed to do so I was able to sit and listen and not be nervous.  I truly enjoyed the experience that I had with Sharon, needless to say that people I didn’t expect to ‘come through’ did and it was a great feeling.  I left Sharon’s place with a sense of calm over me.  I will certainly plan on visiting her again.



Hi Sharon. I really want to thank you for the demonstration today. You did such an amazing job at giving me a much needed message from my Grandy (Grandad) that passed when I was only two. I want to apologize for not making it easy for you as it was my first experience with a medium and I really wasn’t expecting anything at all. I want you to know that you were spot on with everything you said to me. I have worried so often that I am not making my family proud and to hear him say he is proud of me is such a relief. I also have feelings of guilt about not teaching anymore but his message has allowed me to feel less guilty. The only part that I didn’t verify for you during the reading is when you asked me about someone being named after a person. I was so fixed on trying to figure out if someone was named after my nana (who you said popped her head in to say “I’m here:) that I missed the obvious, which is my son is named after my Grandy. So you were right again. I really don’t know how I missed it at the time. Thank you so much. You really are amazing!